1. Use of the service

- The customer undertakes to use this service complying with the laws and regulations in force that apply to it, as well as the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.
- The Online Store TomarAventura, may, at any time, change, in whole or in part, the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.
- The customer can not change the content of the Service or send messages that contain computer viruses or may cause any other damages.
- Customers of the online shop are considered as final consumers, subject to VAT settlement, with the exception of third-country residents, outside the European Union.
- The sale process is subject to compliance with the rules defined by Law no. 25/2008 of June 5, on the regime for the prevention and repression of the laundering of advantages of illicit provenance and the financing of terrorism.

2. Products in Online Store TomarAventura

- The products duly identified in the respective categories can be purchased in the online store.
- Failure to make available in the Online Store TomarAventura, of some product does not mean that it is sold out, and may be available through another distribution channel of the company.

3. Prices

- The prices shown in the Online Shop TomarAventura, include VAT at the legal rate in force at the time of purchase, plus the respective shipping costs.
- The price of the products, the value of the VAT and the cost with postage of mail are all duly discriminated before the final validation phase of the purchase.
- Any other costs resulting from the sending of parcels abroad, namely customs clearance costs, will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser of the product.
- The Online Store TomarAventura, informs that the prices practiced at www.tomaraventura.pt are not exclusive to the Online Store and may vary in prices in the physical stores.

4. Order

- The order of some product, chosen from among those existing in the Online Store TomarAventura, is made by placing it in the shopping basket;
- For some products, duly identified in the online store, the acquisition may be limited to a certain number of articles.
- The customer can cancel the order by sending it to the email: geral@tomaraventura.pt, within 24 hours after the Online Store TomarAventura, have received the order confirmation.
- The request for cancellation will only take effect when the order number and the name of the customer are indicated.
- In case the customer wishes to return the ordered articles to Online Shop TomarAventura, he/she returns the money of the purchase, but will not reimburse him/her of the postage already spent.
- The Online Store TomarAventura, will bear the costs with the postage of return mail, if an error has occurred in your shipment.

5. Forms of Payment

- The products can be paid through the different means of payment made available, whose costs are borne by the customer and debited in the sales document.
- Offer checks can not be discounted on the value of currency exchanges at face value, on payment of postage and on purchases with postage.
- More than one offer check may be used for the same purchase, provided that the total purchase price is higher.

6. Delivery Time

- In Continental Portugal the orders are delivered, as a rule, within 3 working days after the date of the respective payment.
- In the Autonomous Regions and depending on the Islands, the delivery time can vary between 3 to 8 business days.
- Deliveries in Europe and the rest of the world vary according to destination and time of transport.
- Can the deliveries of the orders, in specific cases, suffer some delay in delivery due to the rupture of stocks.

7. Return of Products

- The delivery of products purchased in this service complies with the legal rules applicable in Portugal to the exercise of distance commerce (Decree-Law no. 24/2014 of February 14 (Portugal)).
- The Customer has the right to claim any defect, inaccuracy or inadequacy of the product in relation to what has been ordered, within the legal deadlines established for this purpose.

8. Register at the Online Store TomarAventura

- Individual registration in the online store is carried out in «Customer Area».
- This registration allows an easier purchase process, with the recording of customer identification data, allowing an immediate recognition of the same, without the necessity of re-typing.
- You can update your personal data online whenever you make a purchase in the online store.
- Access is restricted to each user and guaranteed by the use of a login and a password.

9. Privacy and Security Policy

- The Online Store TomarAventura, collects the client's personal data for the purpose of customer account management, billing, sending our newsletter and partners, providing information, according to express authorization for the purpose, taking the commitment Of privacy and security in the processing and maintenance of the personal data of each client, under the terms of Law no. 67/98 of October 26.
- The whole process of payments, from the selection of the payment method to the introduction of the data inherent to the payment process of the order is properly protected with appropriate electronic security tools.

10. Ownership of Site / Online Store: TomarAventura

- The Online Store ToamrAventura, is owned by the company:
TomarAventura - Unipessoal, Lda
Rua Voluntários da República, 168 - A and B
2300-489 Tomar, Portugal
503 026 344

11. Maintenance Errors Website Management

TomarAventura cannot be held liable in the event of an infromatic, manual, technical, or other error, which causes a substantial change not foreseen in the retail price, which appears on the website www.tomaraventura.pt. Therefore, in cases where this is exorbitant or manifestly insignificant, the purchase order will be considered invalid and canceled and the Customer will be informed of this fact.

12. Governing Law and Competent Forum

- Portuguese law applies to this agreement.
- for the settlement of disputes:
In compliance with Law no. 144/2015, of September 8, we inform our clients that in case of dispute they may appeal, for resolution of the same, to the arbitration center:

Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Campus de Campolide
1099-032 Lisboa
Tel: (+351) 213 847 484 (das 15 às 15h30m)
Fax: (+351) 213 845 201
Email: cniacc@fd.unl.pt
Site: www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org

NOTE: This translation is automatic. In case of divergences the version to take into account will be Portuguese.